2D laser cutting

We offer a high-precision laser cutting service. We process serial as well as single parts. 

  • Extremely fast cutting
  • Highest quality of parts, including edges
  • Splitting including protective film
  • High productivity in the area of thin and thick sheet metal
  • We also create small contours in thick structural steel
  • We process prototype, single as well as series components

Working range  2500x6000 mm, 2000x4000 mm

Max. plate thickness (steel, stainless steel, aluminium)  25 mm
Max. plate thickness (copper, brass)  10 mm
Min. plate thickness  0.1 mm
Repeated and positional cutting accuracy ± 0.05 mm
cutting speed up to 60 metres per minute
What do we cut?
steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper, metal alloys
We have a capacity of 1000 hours/month
Machinery: TruLaser 3060 fiber, TruLaser 3040 fiber


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