Toilet holding tanks

Toilet holding tanks are designed for areas without connection to the sewage system, used as an accessory for sanitary containers or separately. They can be placed below ground level or at ground level. The available volumes are 10 m3 and 5 m3. Toilet holding tanks are used mainly on construction sites, sports and cultural events, but you can also use them for temporary housing.

  Holding tank 20″ Holding tank 10″  Atypical solution  
External length 6058 mm 3000 mm Max. external length 6058 mm
External width 2438 mm 2438 mm Max. external width 3000 mm
External height 700 mm 700 mm Max. external height 1000 mm
Volume 10 m3 5 m3 Max. volume 15 m3
Technical description
It is a fully welded sewage tank. The tank material is grade S235 steel. Surface treatment by painting, the interior is not surface-treated. The expected service life is approximately 10 years. The maximum stackability is 2 sanitary containers weighing about 3500 kg each, placed on a toilet holding tank. The load of the containers is transferred to the tank at the corner columns. The tank is to be placed on a paved, flat surface. In the case of installation on longer-term structures, the foundation conditions are to be addressed by the construction supplier. At the front are welded elbows, pipes and a watermark for filling, suction and content checking. The whole structure is watertight-welded.

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Source: KOVOP company