Manual bending of long parts

We produce precise custom open steel sections. We offer variable design of holes, grooves, cut-outs. We manufacture various dimensions and shapes in a serial or single-part scope. Our machinery enables the production of sections made of hot/cold rolled structural steels with a smooth or galvanized surface. Thin-walled open sections are widely used in many industries and in construction. They are especially suitable for steel structures, racks, beams, stands, columns, etc.

Main production programme
  • Open steel beams
  • Standard and atypical open steel sections
  • Special sections

Max. bend length    6100 mm
Max. thickness (steel) 10 mm

Max. bend length    4500 mm
Max. thickness (steel) 12 mm

Min. thickness  1.0 mm
Repeated and positional bending accuracy ± 0.5 mm

Basic offer of steel grades for the production of open steel sections
  • structural steel
  • higher-strength structural steel
  • microalloyed steel
  • galvanized structural steel
  • higher-strength galvanized structural steel
  • deep-drawn steel
  • galvanized steel for cold forming
We have a capacity of 500 hours/month
Machinery: VarioPress 500  

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Source: KOVOP company