Frames of housing containers

The housing container frame is the basic load-bearing element of housing containers suitable for the construction of a modular system. It is used for stand-alone use or as a kit adapted to the customer’s requirements and wishes. We supply it in various modifications and dimensions with equipment according to the customer’s wishes (e.g. staircase, holders for plumbing fixtures, supports and other elements). You can find our frames all over Europe, but also in other parts of the world. We produce them according to EN ISO 9001 – Quality management systems, EN ISO 3834-2 – Quality requirements for fusion welding, EN 1090-2 – Execution of steel structures.

Outer dimensions 6058x2438x2800 mm (LxWxH)
Material structural steel with a thickness of 4 mm (3 mm)
Surface galvanized, painted, no surface protection
Atypical solution  
Max. length 12000 mm
Max. width 4000 mm
Max. height 3500 mm

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Source: KOVOP company