Quality management

Quality is the basis of everything we do from planning and preparation to purchasing, implementation and delivery to the destination. We place constant and maximum emphasis on quality. All products are provided with identification using a bar code system. Our processes meet EN ISO 9001 – Quality management systems, EN ISO 3834-2 – Quality requirements for fusion welding, EN 1090-2 – Execution of steel structures. For the production of welded parts, the company has its own welding supervision according to EN ISO 14731. 

KOVOP uses the following standards when inspecting products:

  • EN ISO 17637 – Non-destructive testing of welds
  • EN ISO 5817 – Welding – Welded joints – Quality levels for imperfections
  • EN ISO 3452-1 – Non-destructive testing – Penetrant testing
  • EN ISO 23277 – Non-destructive testing of welds – Acceptance levels
  • ISO 2768-1 – General tolerances – Tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications
  • EN ISO 13920 – General tolerances for welded constructions

Our products meet the CE mark

Dimensions are inspected based on prescribed requirements for the drawing documentation or on the basis of standards prescribed by the customer in accordance with the standards and regulations for the given country. If the requirements for limit deviations are unchanged, we perform inspections according to ČSN ISO 2768-1, letter m, medium accuracy class and according to ČSN EN ISO 13920, class B for welded steel structures.